What the Press is Saying

Tiny Cortera swings for Dun & Bradstreet

"Cortera is taking on the old, stodgy Dun & Bradstreet credit rating company and launching its new crowdsourced competitor to it... Cortera's strategy is to focus on small businesses that can neither afford D&B services, nor that submit data to credit rating companies for analysis."

- Rafe Needleman, CNET

Are Mom & Pop Past Due?

"Even with all the talk about reforming credit practices since last year's collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., little has been done to help companies gauge the credit-worthiness of small-business customers…Cortera Credit Exchange enables companies to rate other businesses from one to five stars, share personal payment experiences, report detailed payment histories and follow-up with other reviewers."

- Scott Denne, The Wall Street Journal

Cortera Measures Business Credit With Community Ratings

"Cortera can be thought of as a Yelp for business credit, offering reviews on large and small businesses alike that have been submitted by the community. In other words, it can help you figure out if a company you're thinking of dealing with is going to pay you in a timely fashion, or if it's run by deadbeats who should be avoided."

- Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch

Cortera, Kind of Like Yelp for Business Credit

"Cortera aims to be a kind of "wisdom of the crowds"-driven business credit agency. And in the same way that the user-powered review site Yelp has taken on established players like Zagat, Cortera has Dun & Bradstreet in its sights."

-Scott Kirsner, Boston.com

Helping Small Business Avoid Deadbeat Companies

"Cortera is another service that seems to fill a void for business today, especially small businesses. Cortera provides credit information on businesses large and small but then combines it with ratings from a community of small business owners, who provide feedback both good and bad on these businesses."

- Jim Rapoza, eWeek

Social Networking Meets Small Business Credit Ratings

"Small businesses that don't get paid don't stay in business very long. It's crucial for business owners to do their homework on the companies they do business with, and to be able to share their experiences with other business owners. Until now, there has been no effective way to do that. Cortera's new platform couldn't come at a better time."

- Gerri Detweiler, credit expert and co-author of Business Credit Success

Crowding Out Bad Debt

"If you are stiffed, a new type of credit reporting agency, a company called Cortera, lets you share your experience with other business owners — pay it forward, if you will. Cortera is a venture-backed company that has put the power of the crowd to work making small and large company payment practices transparent."

- Kate Lister, AMEX Open Forum

Small-Business Network Helps Cut Credit Risk

"That's why a new model for commercial credit reporting could potentially change the game. Cortera, a community-driven business credit bureau, allows small businesses to monitor, rate and exchange information on other businesses, using a peer-to-peer model rather than more traditional model of Dun & Bradstreet."

- Elizabeth Blackwell, TheStreet.com

Cortera Shakes Up the Business Credit Marketplace with Free Reports

"While the price of information has fallen, the price of credit reports has not, with the exception of Cortera. It will be interesting to see if they are able to shake up their competitors... if they do, the trade credit community will be the beneficiary."

Dave Schmidt, Credit Today

Co. tries to revamp business credit-rating

"A company with a big presence in Massachusetts is trying to revamp the way businesses' credit rating are calculated."

Most Promising Launches at Demo

"The most disruptive business was Cortera... This company does credit ratings for business. Stay awake, though: It's a $42 billion global business dominated in the U.S. by Dun & Bradstreet. Cortera's system is cheaper to run and makes for much less expensive reports for users. It could expand the market for credit reporting to more businesses and win a financially significant portion of the market, too."

- Rafe Needleman, CBSNEWS.com / CNET

10 New Technologies to Watch

"Cortera - This one is interesting to me as it starts to meld financial data with user ratings to provide credit information for businesses large and small. It would have been nice to have in the real estate industry before the great real estate bellyflop."

- Eric Lundquist, eWeek / Smarter Technology

The Best of DEMOfall 09: 5 Companies to Watch

By combining traditional credit data like what Dun & Bradstreet offers with crowdsourced payment experience reviews from Cortera members, the company offers a modern and much less expensive option for small business owners.

- Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb