Cortera Pulse®

Finally an efficient way to automatically monitor the business behavior of an unlimited number of your customers! Cortera Pulse enables you to stay on top of any changes to your customers’ behavior which could create revenue risks or opportunities. With Pulse, you’ll be alerted daily of any changes to your customers’ purchase behavior—what they buy, how they pay, material news, bankruptcy, liens, judgments and more—covering 20 million private and public companies.


It’s 2014. Why is finding relevant, useful, actionable information on your current and prospective customers so difficult and daunting? With all the talk about ‘Big Data’ and the abundance of search tools we have at our disposal, you’d think it would be easier than ever to find the information you need to better target prospects, improve marketing conversion rates, increase sales closure rates and reduce risk.
The award winning Cortera Pulse is your answer! Cortera monitors your customer portfolio and notifies you with daily alerts on changing purchase behavior, payment behavior, risk scores, financial news, public record filings and more. Cortera scours the web looking for relevant financial news, without the noise of company press releases and product announcements. Cortera ensures you do not miss important changes to your customers’ business behavior that could impact revenue.

Be the First to Know

Cortera Pulse monitors your entire customer portfolio and proactively sends a daily email alert to keep you informed of key changes:

  • Material changes in purchase behavior—what your customers buy
  • Significant changes in payment behavior – how your customers pay
  • Private company financial news – monitoring over 10,000 media outlets
  • Growth clues—clues about upsell opportunities
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Tax liens
  • Civil judgments

Find Revenue Risk and Opportunities

Pulse monitors the purchase behavior of your customers and alerts you to “upsell” opportunities—your customers demonstrating increases in key purchases. Pulse alerts you to “Sales Risks” —customers demonstrating declines in purchase behavior.

Monthly risk analysis of your A/R portfolio:

  • Get a snapshot of your portfolio risk exposure and benchmarks
  • See your riskiest customers to help avoid slow pays, increased risk and write-offs
  • Identify the customers that should be paying you faster


For too long it’s been way too difficult and costly to find the relevant, useful and actionable information you need to minimize revenue risk and improve revenue.
Cortera is maniacally focused on changing this by delivering reasonably priced and refreshing innovative data and insight solutions that turn a flood of business data into clear and actionable intelligence that will help you reduce risk and drive revenue to new levels.

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