XTRA Lease Drives Customer Service with Cortera


“Cortera’s technology and information are very strong, but what really distinguished Cortera was that I knew their people understood credit.”

John Pomilio, Vice President, Customer Financial Services, XTRA Lease


  • Consolidate customer information from two accounts receivable systems to create one web-based centralized credit file
  • Eliminate inconsistencies in the commercial customer account scoring process and create new efficiencies
  • Gain a better view of customer exposure
  • Lower information costs


  • Implement Cortera’s eCredit web-based credit automation and portfolio management solution to automate most credit decisions using the most up-to-date information from multiple providers
  • Workflow automation to assign exceptions
  • Cortera credit reports and scores
  • Business hierarchy information from Cortera to roll-up exposure and credit lines


  • Near-instantaneous credit request response rates
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability – managers need only a laptop and a connection to the web to access customer credit data
  • Credit requests received directly from a branch have been reduced to less than one minute
  • Information costs reduced by 60 percent
  • 50 percent decrease in over-credit limit accounts
  • “A Tremendous ROI”: break even on the Cortera investment within the first year