Continental Flies High with Scoring Automation from Cortera

Pam Damasi, Supervisor, Credit & Collections, Continental Airlines

"Cortera has given us increased access to better information and has helped ensure that credit decisions are issued quickly and consistently."

Pam Demasi, Supervisor, Credit & Collections


  • Pull data from a variety of data sources
  • Replace the basic credit score/MS Excel spreadsheet for financial ratios and approval of accounts
  • Eliminate inconsistencies in the commercial customer account scoring process and create new efficiencies


  • Implement Cortera’s eCredit software to centralize all customer account information, create an electronic credit file and establish a consistent, effective method for scoring new and existing accounts
  • Information from several bureaus, including Cortera, are centralized and automated according to Continental’s credit polices


  • Continental was able to consolidate two distinct accounts receivable systems; each feeds customer account and aging information into the Cortera solution.
  • One centralized “paperless customer file” houses all customer information and eliminates the need to toggle from one system to another
  • A consistent credit scoring process
  • Eliminated many of the judgmental factors that exist between multiple analysts and ensured that the same decision is issued across all analysts