Customer Success Stories:
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“Cortera enables us to dramatically reduce the cost of credit scoring while at the same time improving our decision hit rate through better information coverage. Their no-nonsense approach combined with their reputation among our peers made our decision to move to Cortera an easy choice.”

Norma Fetherman, Chief Credit Officer

“Cortera gets it right every time. Their report has all the information I need for a tenth of what Dun & Bradstreet used to charge me.”

John Lako, Credit Manager

"Our upper management really likes Cortera’s monthly CFO report and I love the daily alerts. I am impressed with Cortera’s information!"

Mary Jo Sieg, Customer Financial Services Manager

"In my nearly 20 years in the commercial credit industry, the level of service, support and partnership I found at Cortera has been unparalleled."

Tony Warfield, Director of Credit Services

"Thanks Cortera! Almost immediately after signing up for PULSE you caught a $300,000 Federal Tax Lien on an account. We were able to react and protect ourselves in time."

John Culbert, Vice President of Credit

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“We surveyed the market for the best customer risk monitoring tool and Cortera was the clear winner. Cortera PULSE gives us the peace of mind we need to keep an eye on a large number of customers. The other solutions on the market simply weren’t built for companies like us that work with many private businesses.”

Anita McKinney, Controller

"Cortera offers unique benefits that no other credit management solutions provider could present."

David Morgan, Chief Financial Officer

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"With Cortera we were able to cut our D&B contract by 50% this year and hope to cut it another 50% next year. We just love Cortera credit reports."

Debie Wangsgard CCE, Corporate Credit

"Why should I pay $50 for a report when I can get more data on the CPR for less. I recommend Cortera because they are a great company to work with and they are on my team."

Judy Waters, Director of Credit

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